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XXIV International Fashion Exhibition
Central Asia Fashion
15-17 september 2019 

Almaty / Atakent / 11 pavilion




Milena Ershova

Chief-Moderator of the Central Asia Fashion Business Program (Kazakhstan, Almaty)

  • Editorial Director of the PROfashion Kazakhstan Magazine
  • Specialization: fashion analytics, journalism, opinion journalism, marketing, PR
  • Field experience in the large-scale events planning, arrangement and holding
  • Author of articles in fashion trade publications
  • Regular participant-speaker at conferences and round tables on issues of fashion retail, franchising, marketing
  • *Additional training: Vincent Bastie - “The Lux marketing strategies of goods and services”, Thomas Gad - “Suprise branding”, Brian Trasy - Maximum

Konstantin Tsepelev

The commerce director of ARTLIGHT Lightening Solutions Company (Russia, ST/-Petersburg)
  • The head of ARTLIGHT Lightening Design School
  • Professional lighting designer
  • PLDA and IALD professional associations’ member
  • Experience in many lightening projects of common spaces and offices, trade centers and others since 2006
  • An author and an editor of lightening design,  interior design and architecture magazines’ articles and blogs 
  • A speaker and a special guest at many lightening design forum and exhibitions in Russia and abroad
  • An author and a lecture of many seminars and workshops 

Yulia Veshnyakova

Chief Executive Officer of Retail Technology Academy (Moscow, Russia)

  • The incorporator and founder of the Retail Technology Academy consulting company
  • Specialty: strategic and management consulting
  • Professional history includes 23 year of work in top positions with fashion companies (British House, Fashionstudio etc.), including ownership of her own clothing shops
  • The lecturer in Fashion Buying and Product and Assortment Policy courses in the leading higher education institution of the country, Lomonosov MSU, MBA Fashion Industry faculty
  • Key focus areas: consulting the chief executives and owners of fashion companies in the issues of product and assortment policy planning and brand portfolio management
  • Practitioner of clothes, shoes and accessories purchase in the most famous European show rooms and in industry exhibitions: CPD (Germany), Micam (Italy), Who’s Next (France), CPM (Russia)
  • Author of over 110 articles in mass media, author/co-author of numerous guidance papers, skills workshops, learning materials and refresher courses for fashion industry professionals
  • Editor-in-chief of the ART Newsletter, a corporate newspaper dedicated to comprehensive analysis of various aspects of retail company management
  • Additional training in management: The University of Brighton UK

Maksim Gorshkov

Commercial analyst of the “Retail Technology Academy” Company (Moscow, Russia)
  • Business consultant in financial analytics of fashion companies
  • More than 17 years of working experience in fashion business as Nike retail chain Director, “Sportgrad” retail chain Tutor Director and “Sportcourt” stores of premium class
  • Project manager of the “Modniy Alyans” retail chain development, Regional Director of the “CentrObuv” Company
  • The finalist of the “Best manager of the Russian Federation of 2009 according to Nike” competition
  • Key working directions: financial audit for retail and wholesale companies
  • Participation on projects of procurement systematization and assortment management in the companies of fashion industry
  • Author and developer of software for procurement automation
  • Expert and speaker on branch conferences and exhibitions
  • Additional professional education in the field of investment analysis and company cost evaluation

Viktoria Plotnitskaya


Head of the consumer research department of the Nielsen Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan, Almaty)

  • Specialist in the field of mathematical methods in economics
  • Specialist in the field of FMCG market consumer research
  • 9 years of operational expertise in marketing and sociological researches
  • Experience of work in the markets of Central Asian countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan

Mykola Chumak

Owner and CEO at IDNT company (Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • Authoritative expert  in  development and implementation of concepts and formats for the retail stores and bank offices
  • Is a co-author of several books in Retail Banking and Private Banking & Wealth Management categories 
  • Author of a book on bank offices "Bank office: re-branding, design, POS-marketing." The book reflects many years of his experience in development of bank offices concepts. And author of collection of publications named «Russian Private Banking». Editor of Brett King’s bestseller “Bank 3.0”
  • Is an active participant of international community of financial industry innovators Next Bank, Singapore
  • Permanent participant and speaker of international conferences, summits, and forums
  • Lecturer at the “Retail and Design” faculty of KNTEU

Marina Buzubaeva


Business Development Deputy Director in the company "TV Media Digital" - authorized partner of Mail.Ru Group in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan (Kazakhstan. Almaty)
  • Certified specialist myTarget
  • 7 years experience in marketing and management positions at telecommunications
  • Рarticipant conference I-mix, iprof

Yeskender Iskakov

Head of the project "myTarget" in the company "TV Media Digital" - authorized partner of Mail.Ru Group in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan (Kazakhstan. Almaty)
  • Specialist in targeting advertising
  • 5 years of professional experience in marketing of two own business startups
  • Key areas: popularization of targeted advertising, consulting in improvement of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, technical support of projects

Vasiliy Gorevoy

The president of the Association of Retailers of Kazakhstan, CFO of ALMEO Corporate Group (Kazakhstan, Almaty)

Respected commercial property consulting specialist expert, certified economist and marketing expert

Previous workplaces:

  • Financial Director of Meloman company
  • Director of the East-Kazakhstan regional branch of Nauryz Bank Kazakhstan JSC
  • Deputy Director of the branch of ATF Bank JSC in Ust-Kamenogorsk
  • Director of the East-Kazakhstan regional branch of SPECTRUM LLP

Oleg Nosov

CEO of the Mediatex-N Company (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
  • Creator, founder and CEO of the Mediatex-N Production Company
  • 20 years of practical experience of working in B2B field 
  • International Business Academy magister with the specialization on Management 
  • Member of the Association of Light Industry Undertakings of Kazakhstan 
  • Expert in creation of headwear production processes
  • MBA certificates: Marketing management, Effective management, Corporative management
  • Additional professional education in the field of the strategic management from Swiss Business School (Zurich,Switzerland )

Sergey Sadovenko


Deputy Director for Commercial Affairs of ASIA PARK (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
  • Managing Company ASIA PARK - Wall Point Development LLP
  • Specialization: commercial real estate management, brokerage organisation
  • Author and developer of analytics tools: operational management reporting, efficiency post-analysis of previously launched initiatives
  • Key working areas: implementation of positive change in the level of real estate profitability
  • Additional professional education for management skills development

Мадинара Дюсембаева


Собственник магазина женской одежды и аксессуаров Flirt in Fashion (Казахстан, Алматы)

Айнур Ахметова


Основатель казахстанского концепт-стора PinkLabel (Казахстан, Алматы)

Georgiy Karamyshev

Nielsen Kazakhstan Head of  Retail Service Department (Almaty, Kazakhstan).
  • Enterprise crisis management specialist
  • FMCG market sales specialist
  • 5 year sales work experience in FMCG and IT markets (P&G and Samsung companies)


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