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25-26 International Fashion Exhibition
Central Asia Fashion
15-17 march 2021 

Almaty / Atakent / 11 pavilion


      How to make an exhibition booth as attractive as possible for visitors and as convenient as possible for the staff? We’ll have to abandon the standard generic solutions! An exhibition booth designed according to a custom design by the specialists of the CATEXPO exhibition company will help you create a unique company expo style.

      As you know, first impressions are most lasting, and in the business world, this rule also works one hundred per cent. Exhibitors using modern technology and innovative ideas at exhibitions create strong competition. They become the favorites of the public, the work is humming at their exhibition booths, visitors crowd round them, deals are discussed, contracts are made and business cards sell like hotcakes. While at other booths, which clearly no designers worked on, there are only yawning employees and one visitor per hour…



      A tool for creating a successful image is a unique exhibition booth with a WOW effect! Entrust its development to professionals of our company. We will produce a stand in the shortest time possible: from the creation of a design to a booth fully ready to work, only 5 to 7 working days will pass.

      We will also build up a booth in accordance with your budget, at the best price-quality ratio in any format: from a shop window to an exclusive project.



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